The city requires a Property Information Report be made available to the buyer of ANY property in the city of Gardena. The seller or their agent is required to file the request for the report. Failure to offer the information to a buyer is a misdemeanor violation. The Property Information Report provides information about the status of property and structures that a buyer should be aware of, prior to closing escrow. The report includes a report of city records and restrictions applicable to the property and includes the results of an exterior inspection of the property. The reports are good for 6 months and are not required for units in a condominium project.

At least thirty (30) days prior to the consummation of the sale or exchange of any building or improved or unimproved real property within the city, the owner of the property OR if the property is listed with a licensed real estate broker, the broker is required to apply for a Property Information Report with the Community Development Department and pay the applicable fee. This requirement applies to all commercial, industrial or residential property located within the city of Gardena. The buyer or legal transferee may waive the report, however, the waiver must be filed with the Community Development Department no less than twenty (20) days before escrow is scheduled to close. If the report is not waived, it must be delivered by the owner, or agent of the owner (broker), to the buyer or transferee of the building or property no later than fifteen (15) days before escrow closes. Upon receipt of the report, the buyer or transferee shall execute a receipt form furnished by the city, and such receipt shall be delivered to the Community Development Department as evidence of compliance with the Gardena Municipal Code.

A Property Information Report is not required for the first sale of a building or property located in a new subdivision whose final map has been approved and recorded not more than two years prior to the first sale. This requirement also does not apply to buildings or properties that are subdivisions of air space for condominium purposes, townhomes or to “own-your-own” apartments.

The request for Property Information Report is provided below and is also available for pick up at the Community Development Department located in City Hall, Room 101, 1700 W. 162nd Street, Gardena. *Please allow 10-15 working days – No Expediting. For additional information contact (310) 217-9530.

Report Contents

  • Street address and legal description of the subject property;
  • Zone classification and authorized use;
  • Occupancy as indicated and established by permits and records;
  • Business licenses or permits issued by the city to the occupants of the property, if any;
  • Variances, conditional use permits, exceptions, and other pertinent letters and legislative acts on record;
  • Any special zoning or general plan restrictions on uses or development that may apply to the subject property;
  • A list of all presently observable violations of housing and building codes, as applicable, zoning regulations, or other matters pertaining to the subject property that are a matter of city record.
  • Public Works informs of eastment and Planning & Zoning informs of usage.

Expiration and Extension
This report is valid for a period of six months after the date of issuance, however the validity of the report can be extended an additional six months, if the owner signs a form with Community Development that states no structural changes, improvements, or additions have been made since the date of issuance of the original report. There is no fee charged for the extension. The Property Information Report will be made available to the prospective buyer or his/her authorized representative.

Penalty for Non-Compliance
Persons in violation of the Property Information Report law shall be guilty of a misdemeanor crime and upon conviction will be punishable as such.