Permits may be obtained at specific locations for certain temporary activities and/or facilities that would otherwise be inappropriate as classified uses on a permanent basis. Such uses may be permitted for a period of four days to a maximum of six months, and an extension of six months or longer may be granted if good and valid reasons have been established for such an extension. Short-term land use activities are regulated to help prevent adverse effects associated with or resulting from temporary uses.

A Temporary Permit Use applicant shall satisfy the Community Development Department that:

  • The operation of the requested use at the proposed location in the time specified will not jeopardize, endanger or otherwise constitute a menace to the public health, safety or general welfare; arrow
  • The proposed site is adequate in size and shape to accommodate such temporary use without material detriment to the use, enjoyment or valuation of the property of other persons in the vicinity; arrow
  • Sufficient off-street parking spaces are provided; and that the proposed site is adequately served by streets or highways having sufficient width and improvement to accommodate the kind and quantity of traffic that could reasonably be generated.

An application for a Temporary Use Permit shall be filed by the owner, lessee or other person having the right to the possession of the land for which the permit is sought. The application shall be filed with the Community Development Department, along with a plot plan drawn to scale, which designates all land uses on the property, other requested information, and the appropriate fee. After review and any necessary investigation, the permit will be granted or denied based on specific findings. Allow at least 60 days to process the permit for approval. A Business License is also required. The application for a Temporary Use Permit is provided below. If you have any questions regarding a Temporary Use Permit contact (310) 217-9530 or visit the Community Development Department located in City Hall, Room 101, 1700 W. 162nd Street, Gardena.

Procedure for Obtaining a Temporary Use Permit

1. File an Applications. An application for a temporary use permit shall be filed by the owner, lessee or other person having the right to the possession of the land for which the permit is sought. The application package must include a plot plan drawn to scale which designates all land uses on the property, the location of the proposed temporary activity/facility, utility connections, yards, off-street parking, and other information which the Community Development Department may require.

2. Pay Fees. The applicant shall pay a filing fee established by City Council resolution to defray the costs incurred by the City in processing the temporary use permit application.

3. Application Review Findings and Decisions. The Community Development Department staff shall review the application, consult with those departments of the city which might have an interest in or jurisdiction over some aspect of the proposed temporary use, make any necessary investigation, and grant or deny the permit based on specific findings.

Exempt from Temporary Use Permit (TUP) Requirement

The following temporary uses, for which a special permit must be granted by City Council, are exempt from the TUP requirement.

Carnivals, bazaars, fairs, festivals, pageants, exhibitions and religious observances provided such events do not exceed three days in duration; and Christmas tree sales sponsored by an authorized nonprofit organization, such as religious, fraternal, educational or service groups directly engaged in civic, charitable or public service endeavors.