Gardena Direct

Gardena provides a wide variety of ways for the public to stay informed and to participate in what is going on in the community. Stay informed and let your voice be heard. Improve your community. Report an issue and watch it get fixed.

Business License

Any person who conducts any business, trade, profession, enterprise or occupation within the City of Gardena is required to obtain a license whether or not the physical business address in in our outside of the City.

Police Reports

Welcome to the Gardena Police Department. The Police Department is extremely proud of its history of positive interaction and support from the community we serve.

Parking Citation

A fast, secure and reliable payment solution for your parking citation. Whether paying for one or multiple citations our system will ensure efficiency and quality for making your timely payment.

Alarm Permit

Any residence or business with an alarm system must have a permit on file with the City.  Alarm System Permit processing is handled through the Police Department.

Business License

Building Services is responsible for reviewing construction plans with building codes; issuing permits; inspecting building construction; administering and enforcing building codes; ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations; and providing general building information.