Records Management

The Chief Deputy City Clerk serves as the Records Management Officer and manages a centralized Records Management Program (RMP) for the safekeeping of all official City records. The RMP is developed pursuant to State law and City policy and dictates the retention period for timely destruction or transfer of active and inactive records of all City departments and functions. All records are indexed, microfilmed, scanned, and /or digitally stored onsite or offsite based on appropriate retrieval and legal retention needs.

Public Information Act Request

Copies of most records held by the City Clerk are reproduced at a charge of 10 cents per page, however more specific charges may apply to specific requests, such as copies of the budget, municipal code, council meetings minutes, audio and video tapes, microfilm records, precinct maps, etc. Generally, requests must be made in writing and advance payment is required. If mailing is requested, postage and handling charges must be included with the advance payment. By law, the City has up to 10 working days to respond to a public records request, such response indicates if the requested record is available. A copy of the fee schedule for public records is provided below:

The Records are in PDF format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in for viewing. This plug-in is available for free from Adobe Systems.