The Public Works Department is responsible for the following operating functions: Public Works Administration, Engineering Division, Street Maintenance Division, Park Maintenance Division and the Home Improvement Program.

Public Works Administration includes general support services for all operating divisions of the Public Works Department and administration of the City’s recycling programs. Public Works administration staff also plan, organize and coordinate the City’s Annual Gardena Beautiful Day.

Street Maintenance is responsible for streets, sanitary sewer and storm drain maintenance; street sweeping and painting, traffic signs and signals, and vehicle equipment maintenance.

This involves such procedures as street patching, pavement reconstruction, sidewalk and crosswalk repair, grading of road shoulders, cleaning and repairing drainage catch basins and channels; application of pavement markings, sign fabrication and installation.

Traffic Signals and Signs provides maintenance and oversight of City traffic signals and street signs to ensure the safe and efficient movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic throughout the City.

Sanitation services are responsible for contributing to the health and welfare of the City through effective maintenance of the City’s sanitary sewers, storm drains, and the sweeping of streets and city parking lots.

Equipment Maintenance is responsible for providing an economical and effective Vehicle Equipment Maintenance Program for the Public Works Department. The division also manages the State mandated safety and air quality programs.

Parks Maintenance/Special Events and Projects is responsible for the development and maintenance of municipal parks and playgrounds; lawns, trees, and plants situated at and around all public buildings and sites in the City.

Civic Center Grounds maintenance includes the caretaking of the lawns, trees, and plants situated at and around the Civic Center, including landscaped areas and medians in close proximity to City Hall.

Tree Trimming is responsible for planting, removing, spraying and trimming of parkway trees and maintaining medians in a manner that enhances the physical appearance of the City.

The Home Improvement Program is comprised of the Residential Rebate Program and the Handyworker Fix-Up Program. Residents, who qualify, can apply for a 50% cash rebate up to a maximum of $3,000. They can also have repairs made to their homes up to a maximum of $600 allowable for materials.

Engineering is responsible for surveying, drafting and the drawing of all plans and specifications for Public Works improvements including streets, sanitary sewers, drainage structures, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and traffic signals constructed by the City. Engineering is also responsible for the processing of permits and inspection of all street right-of-way improvements done by private owners or developers, and for the creation of various property maps and other documents needed for official record keeping. Engineering also provides effective street lighting through the Consolidated Lighting District.

The Engineering Division is also responsible for the City’s Capital Improvement Program, which ensures the maintenance and continual improvement of the City’s infrastructure and public facilities, consisting of street, sanitary sewer, storm drain, traffic signal and street lighting programs.

PUBLIC SERVICE GOAL: To continually maintain the safety and aesthetics of city streets, facilities, parks, medians, and equipment at the highest-level possible and at the lowest possible cost.

To provide for the continual maintenance and improvement of the City’s physical infrastructure and facilities and to provide quality engineering services.