In addition to a business license, any newsrack that is located in whole or in part on any public sidewalk or parkway must News Rackbe registered with the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department before it is installed in the city. Once the registration application for a newsrack is completed by the owner, it should be submitted to the Public Works Department for review. The application package must contain a certificate of liability insurance and a written statement to indemnify and hold the city harmless against any loss, liability or damage sustained as a result of the installation, use or maintenance of the newsrack. Once the application is approved and the Public Works Department has assigned a location, each newsrack may stay at the assigned location as long as it is in compliance with the Gardena Municipal Code. At the time of registration and annually thereafter, the applicant is required to pay the city a registration fee in the amount of $33.00 for each rack in addition to an annual business license fee. Annual proof of insurance is required as well. In the event of a change of ownership of a newsrack or a change of publication, the new owner must immediately inform the Public Works Department in writing of the change and provide the name, address and telephone number of the new owner(s) and/or publication. The Newsrack Registration Application is provided below and it is also available for pick up at the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department located at 1717 W. 162nd Street in Gardena. For information contact (310) 217-9528.Arrow

Installation and Placement Standards
In accordance with Gardena Municipal Code Section 12.04.060, any newsrack which rests in whole or in part upon any public sidewalk or parkway shall comply with the following standards:

  • No newsrack shall project or rest over any portion of a public street.
  • No newsrack shall endanger the safety of any person or property.
  • No newsrack is permitted in any location used for sidewalk, dining, public utility purposes, public transportation purposes or interfere with or impede the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, including stopped or legally parked vehicle, ingress into or egress from any residence or place of business, or restrict the use of poles, posts, traffic signs or signals, utility access vaults, manholes, hydrants, mailboxes or interfere with the cleaning of any sidewalk.
  • A registered newsrack shall only be installed near a curb or adjacent to the wall of a building. Newsracks placed near the curb shall be placed no less than eighteen inches (18″) nor more than twenty-four inches (24″) from the edge of the curb. Newsracks placed adjacent to the wall of a building shall be placed parallel to such wall and not more than six inches (6″) from the wall.
  • No newsrack shall be installed on the same sidewalk or parkway opposite another newsrack.
  • No newsrack shall be chained, bolted or otherwise attached to any property not owned by the owner of the newsrack or to any permanently fixed object, nor shall any newsrack be chained to loose objects, for example: bricks, rocks, cinder blocks, pipes or other such objects.
  • No newsrack or group of attached newsracks shall weigh, in the aggregate, in excess of 135 pounds when empty.
  • No newsrack shall be installed within: 5 feet of any marked crosswalk; 15 feet of a curb return of any unmarked crosswalk; 5 feet of any fire hydrant, fire call box, police call box or other emergency facility; 5 feet of any driveway; 6 feet of a bus bench; 3 feet of any area improved with lawn, flowers, shrubs or trees; 50 feet of a newsrack containing the same publication, except in locations with less than eight (8) newracks; and within 5 feet ahead of and 25 feet to the rear of any signed marked as a designated bus stop.
  • No more than eight (8) newsracks can be located on any public right-of-way within a space of 200 feet in any direction within the same block of the same street, provided that no more than 16 newsracks are allowed on any one block.

Maintenance and Operation Standards
In accordance with Gardena Municipal Code Section 12.04.070, any newsrack which in whole or in part rests upon any public sidewalk or parkway shall comply with the following standards:

  • No newsrack shall exceed 48 inches in height; 30 inches in width, and 24 inches in thickness.
  • All newsracks shall be constructed of metal. Newsracks constructed of plastic are prohibited.
  • Newsracks may be permanently attached to one another; however, no more than three racks may be joined together in this manner. Attaching newsracks together with chains or cables is prohibited.
  • No newsracks shall be used for advertising signs or publicity purposes other than dealing with the display, sale or purchase of the newspaper or periodicals sold within. Signs shall be permitted on the front and back panels below the window displays. Signs placed perpendicularly atop the newsrack is prohibited.
  • Each newsrack shall be maintained in a clean and neat condition and in good repair at all times. The newsrack shall be in good working order at all times, free of graffiti, decals, and rust, faded, chipping or peeling paint. The plexiglass view windows shall be clear, not yellowed or scratched.
  • Any material displayed in the newsrack in a public place shall comply with California Penal Code section 313 et seq,.