Just as each state has its own laws, cities have the authority to create their own laws in the form of “ordinances.” Gardena’s ordinances are assembled into a book known as the Gardena Municipal Code. This information is available to you on-line, including search capabilities to help you find the information you seek.

Ordinances are usually considered by the City Council in two consecutive meetings, first for introduction and then for final adoption. The exception are those noted as “urgency ordinances” which are presented to the City Council for immediate adoption, at a single Council meeting. Consideration of most ordinances requires a noticed public hearing and a 30-day post-adoption period before taking effect. All ordinances, except those for specific land-uses or interim application, are published in the City’s Municipal Code.

You may view a complete copy of the Gardena Municipal Code with keyword search capability by viewing the Gardena Municipal Code.

The Gardena Municipal Code is updated routinely. Ordinances that have been approved by Council (adopted) but not yet published in the Code are listed here:


Ordinance No.
Subject of Ordinance
Effective Date


The Gardena Ordinances are in PDF format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in for viewing. This plug-in is available for free from Adobe Systems.