Service Fee

The City of Gardena accepts the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

The City of Gardena is committed on providing its residents and its vendors a range of options for paying expenses on licensing, permitting and such. Accepting credit cards, as a method of payment, has become prohibitively expensive because of the credit card processing fees charged to the City of Gardena by the credit card companies. The City of Gardena cannot absorb the cost of the transaction fees for those citizens that choose to use credit cards as a form of payment.

Therefore, beginning November 1, 2016, per Resolution No. 5097, executed June 09, 2009, which allows the City to assess a “service fee” to recover costs associated with Credit Card, Debit Card and Electronic Fund Transfer Payments, the City of Gardena has implemented a two-tiered fee for those individuals who choose to use credit cards as a form of payment.

The service fee will be assessed in the following manner:

  • Transactions from $0.01 to $200.00 will be assessed a flat service fee of $2.75.
  • Transactions from $200.01 and up will be assessed 2.4% percent of the total charges.

The service fee is non-refundable, regardless if the payment to which it relates is cancelled, refunded, credited or charged back.