The Community Development Department is responsible for guiding physical development of private property in the city in a manner that complies with General Plan goals, objectives and policies and zoning, subdivision and development standards; for administering and enforcing state and city regulations applicable to construction in the City; for administering, enforcing zoning, and regulations. In addition, the Community Development Director serves as the Building Official for the City, Secretary to the Planning and Environmental Quality Commission, and Environmental Quality Officer. Major programs of the Department are:

Building Services
Includes the planning, construction, maintenance, and alterations of all structures and buildings on private property. The ultimate goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of all citizens and visitors and to increase property values in the City. This includes the review of plans for compliance with National, State, and Local codes; the issuance of building, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical permits; the performance of inspections during the construction process; emergency inspections; maintenance of building records and plans; and the administration of general building and construction information.

Planning and Environmental Quality Commission Support
The commission conducts public hearings, renders decisions and makes recommendations to the City Council on all significant development proposals and land use and development matters, including design and improvement of subdivisions, general plan amendments, ordinances, and other zoning, land use, or environmental policy issues. The Commission also functions as the appeal body for decisions of the Director and as the Housing and Building Appeals Board.

Community Development staff supports both Commission and Council proceedings on land use matters by scheduling and advertizing public hearings, preparing staff reports and specific recommendations, developing environmental and procedural documentation as required under state planning and zoning, subdivision and California Environmental Quality Act laws for all entitlements and land use related actions. Staff also supports Council proceedings on appeals of Commission actions. Commission meets on the first and third Tuesday of the month and Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.


Development Services
Includes all activities to promote and facilitate development projects that are consistent with development standards and goals and policies of the general plan and that will enhance the quality of life, the economic vitality of the City, and will be compatible with surrounding existing land uses. This includes advising prospective developers and property owners, reviewing and processing development proposals either administratively or through the commission pursuant to the state development and planning laws and procedures, the State Map Act, and CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act); dispensing general zoning, planning and subdivision information; reviewing construction plans for consistency with zoning regulations, clearing business license applications, entertainment, special permits, temporary use permits and truth-in-sales for compliance with zoning and development standards.

Planning includes activities and initiatives to promote, maintain, and implement the General Plan goals and policies and guide growth and development in the City. This includes development of zoning, subdivision, and related standards and regulations to implement the General Plan; implement state mandates and monitor demographic, physical, and environmental data about the City.

PUBLIC SERVICE GOAL: To provide local building and planning services that promote high quality development and construction and maintenance of private property and thereby promote economic vitality for businesses and a higher-level quality of life for residents.