The City Manager is the administrative head of the City government under the direction of the City Council and is responsible to the Council for the efficient administration of all City affairs.

The City Manager appoints the Department Heads and members of the City Manager’s staff, with the Department Heads selecting the employees for their own staff.

As the team leader of the City operational staff, the City Manager recommends amendments and revisions to present ordinances, prepares and submits to the City Council the annual budget, advises the Council on financial conditions and program needs of the City, and oversees all programs and expenditures for City departments.

PUBLIC SERVICE GOAL: To provide leadership and direction in the administration of all City services and to ensure that the necessary resources are available to meet the needs of the community.

The City Manager’s Office is also accountable for the following Economic Development Programs:

  • Rosecrans Revitalizing Program
  • Brownfield Program
  • Commercial Rebate Program
  • Housing Assistance Program