The City Clerk’s Office is the central repository of the official records of the City and makes such information available pursuant to the Public Records Act. Pursuant to State law, the Clerk’s Office also retains the City’s legislative history, conducts all municipal elections, and enforces the disclosure of campaign finance and conflict of interest information.


The City Clerk is elected to a four-year term, as are all elected officials of the City, and serves the City on a part-time basis. The Clerk’s Office is a fully functioning department within the City’s organizational structure, operating under the direction of the elected City Clerk.

The City Clerk is the official record keeper of the City and, as the City’s Elections Official, oversees the conduct of general and special municipal elections, with day-to-day operations managed by the Deputy City Clerk/Records Management Officer.


Primary duties of the City Clerk include:

  • Preparation and dissemination of public meeting agendas.
  • Recording and transcription of minutes and indexing of actions taken by the City Council.
  • Execution and transmittal of all official documents related to City Council actions.
  • Conduct of municipal, general, and special elections.
  • Timely filing of financial and campaign disclosure statements by elected officials, candidates, committees, and designated employees, pursuant to local and State law.
  • Codification and maintenance of the Gardena Municipal Code.
  • Publication of legal notices.
  • Conduct of public bid openings.
  • Administering oaths/affirmations to City officials/employees.
  • Certification of official City records.
  • Providing notary services related to City business.
  • Processing the City’s incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Responding to requests from the public, elected officials, and City staff


The Deputy City Clerk also serves as the City Records Management Officer and manages a centralized Records Management Program (RMP) for the safekeeping of all official City records. The RMP is developed pursuant to State law and City policy and dictates the retention period for timely destruction or transfer of active and inactive records of all City departments and functions. All records are indexed, microfilmed, scanned, and/or digitally stored onsite or offsite based on appropriate retrieval and legal retention needs.


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General Municipal Elections are held regularly in March of odd-numbered years, with special elections held as legally dictated. The Clerk’s Office is responsible for the proper application of State Election Code requirements governing the conduct of elections, commencing with the calling of the election by Council resolution through and concluding with the official canvass and certification of election results. Specific duties include the coordination and monitoring of the required filing of related financial disclosures by candidates, their committees, and ballot measure committees, as mandated by law and administered by the Fair Political Practices Commission. The Clerk’s Office is also responsible for administering the filing of recall, initiative, referendum, and annexation petitions, and provides election support to Los Angeles County, Los Angeles City, and various special districts when requested.