• To provide legal services and guidance to ensure that all City functions and actions taken are performed on a sound, legal basis.

The City Attorney is appointed by the Council and serves as the Legal Advisor to the City Council, City Manager, and all City departments, and represents the City in all litigation involving the City. The City Attorney drafts and/or reviews all ordinances and resolutions of the City to ensure constitutionality and harmony with existing law and reviews all contracts and agreements prior to execution. The City Attorney renders opinions concerning City policies and procedures based on interpretation of State, County and City laws, and pursues limitation of City liability exposure. The City Attorney represents the best interests of the public-at-large, not individuals.

Legal Responsibilities

  • General Counsel to the City Council and the Planning and Environmental Quality Commission
  • Reviews and approves all City Contracts and legal documents
  • Ensures necessary protections for officers, employees, and representatives of the City in official actions
  • Defends the City in any litigation and advises the City in negotiations with other entities
  • Reviews and assists in the proper preparation and enactment of ordinances and resolutions