Block Parties are fun, a great way to get to know your neighbors and good for the community, but there are a few regulations you must comply with in order to be safe and to ensure that you maintain those “neighborly relations”.

How to Apply
The City of Gardena requires that you submit an application along with the refundable cleaning deposit (please see application below for total amount due), at least 30 days prior to the planned date to allow sufficient time for review and approval by the City Police, Public Works, LA County Fire and administrative staff. To request a permit, submit a completed application by mail, fax or in person to the Community Development Department located at City Hall, 1700 West 162nd Street, Gardena, 90247. The application must state the date, starting and ending time and location, including all affected addresses (i.e. Pleasant Street between Happy Court and Carefree Lane). The applicant may be any resident on the street where the Block Party will be held. The application must also include the applicant’s name, address, telephone number at the residence and a daytime telephone number if different from the home telephone number. The Block Party Permit Applicant is responsible for obtaining and submitting the required signatures, and for responding to any questions the City may have regarding the information provided.

Send block party applications to:

City of Gardena
Community Development Department
Room 101, 1700 W. 162nd Street
Gardena, CA 90247

If you have any questions, please contact the Community Development Department at (310) 217-6191 or (310) 217-6168 or by e-mail at

Typical Conditions of Approval:

If approved, a Block Party Permit will be issued in the applicant’s name. The applicant is responsible for compliance with any relevant Gardena Municipal Code regulations. The permit will be subject to the following standard conditions. Other conditions may also be required and will be noted in the permit approval letter.

1. Participants must be limited to citizens residing within the area of the street closure and a limited number of their invited guests. The Block Party may not be open to the general public.

2. Any donations collected for the party, must be done separately and cannot be collected the day of the Block Party. There can be no entrance fees charged. In addition, there can be no retail sales of any kind during the Block Party without a City of Gardena business license or permit allowing such sales.

3. The neighbors who will be affected by the street blocking must be notified of such in writing as early as possible and must be provided vehicular access in and out of their streets at all times. It is highly recommended that you provide flyers to each and every address in the affected area at least three days prior to the event.

4. The holder of the Block Party permit is responsible for complying with all relevant Gardena Municipal Code regulations or requirements set by the City regarding noise, amplified music or other state statutes regarding disruption of the public’s peace. Amplified music is prohibited.

5. Only barricades that are easily removable to allow quick and easy ingress and egress by public safety emergency vehicles will be permitted. If so requested, the City’s Public Works Department will provide the barricades as a special service. The approval letter will list where and when the barricades will be deposited and picked up. The Block Party applicant is responsible for the set up of the barricades and the return of the barricades to the designated pick-up point. A nominal fee may be charged for this service.

6. All tables, chairs, platforms, equipment, and any other probable obstacles (including automobiles, trucks, trailers, etc.) must be placed so that they do not impede emergency access to the street, any building, or fire hydrant in the area. You must also leave a minimum width of 12 feet open along the entire length of the street to enable the passage of emergency vehicles.

7. The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Consumption of alcoholic beverages shall not be done in public view and can take place only inside or in the backyards of private residences on the street.

8. No cooking appliances with open flames or barbecues are allowed under canopies.

9. The applicant is responsible for clean up and clearing all trash on the street, sidewalks, and all public areas. Clean up must be completed immediately following the conclusion of the permitted time of the Block Party.

10. The participants must also abide by any other conditions deemed necessary by the City Manager, Chief of Police, or County of Los Angeles Fire Chief. A violation of any of the stated conditions will be cause for termination of the Block Party. The Police Watch Commander has the discretion to revoke any Block Party permit on site if it is determined that the Block Party is causing a public nuisance. This may also impact the City’s approval of any future applications for a Block Party in the same location.

Following these guidelines will ensure that you and your neighbors have a safe, fun and uninterrupted Block Party. Your cooperation is appreciated.